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Memorial Story:
Duane Fernando Cannon died Sunday, Oct. 2, 2011, in a tragic auto accident at milepost 64.4 on Highway 95. He was 23 -years-old and a Kingman resident who had lived in Las Vegas for several years before returning to Kingman. Duane was born in Palo Alto, Calif., to his parents Lorry D. Cannon and Martha Eva Cannon who are both Kingman residents.

All who knew Duane would agree that they have never known a more free or heartwarming spirit than his. He was an accomplished guitarist who loved all types of music, from classical to heavy metal and everything in between. Duane had a passion for firearms and was a walking encyclopedia on anything related to them. He was blessed with a wonderful sense of humor and could bring people to tears with his jokes and antics. He was well loved because of his deep love and concern for his friends and family.

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not be more pleased with the monument. It is just beautiful. Offerstone did a great job. Everything is just as we had expected.

You have our permission to use the pictures in any way they may benefit you or Offerstone. I would most certainly recommend everyone to purchase from their headstone or other memorial needs from Offerstone.

I also want to send my sincere thanks for all your help (from start to finish) in design and installation of the headstone. Chuck,you are an excellent Offerstone representative as well a super customer service representative. Offerstone is very lucky to have such a nice person selling their products.

We will be forever grateful to you and pleased with our purchase. We have also gained a very special friend.

Thank you so much,Chuck.
to say thank you for the wonderful Angel memorial in white granite. It came on time in the arranged time slot and the finish was of a very high standard. I am very happy with the product, it was worth the wait!
Thank you Salina !
Lisa Gotch
y and I were very pleased with my mother''s monument. Everyone who has seen it has commented on how beautiful it is.

I especially appreciate Salina Lee''s patience with me. I know she worked hard to help create exactly what I wanted. And, the finished monument is the perfect remembrance, and tribute to my mother.

Thank you all for the very important work that you do.

With sincere gratitude,

Lisa Gotch

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Memorial Story:
Duane Fernando Cannon died Sunday, Oct. 2, 2011, in a tragic auto accident at milepost 64.4 on Highway 95. He was 23 -years-old and a Kingman resident who had lived in Las Vegas for several years before returning to Kingman. Duane was born in Palo Alto, Calif., to his parents Lorry D. Cannon and Martha Eva Cannon who are both Kingman residents.
All who knew Duane would agree that they have never known a more free or heartwarming spirit than his. He was an accomplished guitarist who loved all types of music, from classical to heavy metal and everything in between. Duane had a passion for firearms and was a walking encyclopedia on anything related to them. He was blessed with a wonderful sense of humor and could bring people to tears with his jokes and antics. He was well loved because of his deep love and concern for his friends and family.
Burial: Mountain View Cemetery 
Kingman , Mohave County
Arizona, USA

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