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 Jennifer Lynn Tatum-Boyette, 28, of Blue Ridge died May, 16, 2008. Mrs. Tatum-Boyette was born Jan. 24, 1980, in Reno, Nev., to Guy and Connie Healy Tatum. On Nov. 20, 2003, she married James Boyette in Sherman. Self-employed, Mrs. Tatum-Boyette was a member of Blue Ridge Baptist Church.
Burial: Blue Ridge Cemetery
Blue Ridge , Collin County
Texas, USA

Memorial Story Share: Carla Jean (Dimick) Yost
October 24, 1947 ------ October 20, 2008
'She's happy, free and with Jesus now.
See you later Carla
We Love You!'

Gresham resident Carla Jean Yost died October 20, 2008, of breast cancer, at her home, surrounded by friends and family, at the age of 60.
Mrs. Yost was born Oct. 24 1947, in Guthrie, Oklahoma, to parents Roy Eugene and Juanita Lucille Dimick, the first of three daughters. She lived in Guthrie until age 15, then moved with her family to Battle Ground, Washington. She attended high school there, graduating in 1966.
The family moved to Portland, where she moved out on her own, taking a job with Opti-Craft Optical in downtown Portland.
She met Rudolph Anthony Yost and they were married in 1969. They made their home in Oregon City where she was a homemaker and also worked in the office of Esco Steel Corp. as a switchboard/PBX operator. He husband also was employed there.
After her marriage dissolved, without children, in 1980, she began a 28-year career as the front desk receptionist at Boyd's Coffee Company in Northeast Portland. She purchased a home in Gresham in 1983.
At Boyd's, she answered and routed hundreds of calls to various departments, and greeted customers and business associates from around the world. She enjoyed her work and made many lifelong friends. On October 1, 2008, she retired due to health conditions.
Mrs. Yost renewed her Christian faith by attending, then becoming a member of the East Hills Foursquare Church in Gresham. She contributed generously of her time and resources to various church charitable services and ministries. She also made many friends in her Gresham neighborhood who looked out for each other, helped work on projects together, and spent time together on holidays.

Deliver To The Cemetery: $ 5460
(Price include the Gravestone + Shipping
+ 2 Ceramic Portraits + Unlimited Letters)
Set-Up Fee:$ 440
+ Add ( Optional )
Angel:30 * 6 * 24 inch
Base:36 * 6 * 12 inch
Deliver To The Cemetery: $ 6380
(Price include the Gravestone + Shipping
+ 2 Ceramic Portraits + Unlimited Letters)
Set-Up Fee:$ 520
+ Add (Optional)
Angel:36 * 6 * 30 inch
Base:42 * 6 * 12 inch
DIY Model: $ 2999
Head:10*10*10 inch

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the weeping angel monument was absolutely
beautiful........ You have been so very helpful
and your carveman's tallent is unbelievable. "

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not be more pleased with the monument. It is just beautiful. Offerstone did a great job. Everything is just as we had expected.

You have our permission to use the pictures in any way they may benefit you or Offerstone. I would most certainly recommend everyone to purchase from their headstone or other memorial needs from Offerstone.

I also want to send my sincere thanks for all your help (from start to finish) in design and installation of the headstone. Chuck,you are an excellent Offerstone representative as well a super customer service representative. Offerstone is very lucky to have such a nice person selling their products.

We will be forever grateful to you and pleased with our purchase. We have also gained a very special friend.

Thank you so much,Chuck.
to say thank you for the wonderful Angel memorial in white granite. It came on time in the arranged time slot and the finish was of a very high standard. I am very happy with the product, it was worth the wait!
Thank you Salina !
Lisa Gotch
y and I were very pleased with my mother''s monument. Everyone who has seen it has commented on how beautiful it is.

I especially appreciate Salina Lee''s patience with me. I know she worked hard to help create exactly what I wanted. And, the finished monument is the perfect remembrance, and tribute to my mother.

Thank you all for the very important work that you do.

With sincere gratitude,

Lisa Gotch

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Memorial Story Share: Carla Jean (Dimick) Yost
October 24, 1947 ------ October 20, 2008
'She's happy, free and with Jesus now.
See you later Carla
We Love You!'

Gresham resident Carla Jean Yost died October 20, 2008, of breast cancer, at her home, surrounded by friends and family, at the age of 60.
Mrs. Yost was born Oct. 24 1947, in Guthrie, Oklahoma, to parents Roy Eugene and Juanita Lucille Dimick, the first of three daughters. She lived in Guthrie until age 15, then moved with her family to Battle Ground, Washington. She attended high school there, graduating in 1966.
The family moved to Portland, where she moved out on her own, taking a job with Opti-Craft Optical in downtown Portland.
She met Rudolph Anthony Yost and they were married in 1969. They made their home in Oregon City where she was a homemaker and also worked in the office of Esco Steel Corp. as a switchboard/PBX operator. He husband also was employed there.
After her marriage dissolved, without children, in 1980, she began a 28-year career as the front desk receptionist at Boyd's Coffee Company in Northeast Portland. She purchased a home in Gresham in 1983.
At Boyd's, she answered and routed hundreds of calls to various departments, and greeted customers and business associates from around the world. She enjoyed her work and made many lifelong friends. On October 1, 2008, she retired due to health conditions.
Mrs. Yost renewed her Christian faith by attending, then becoming a member of the East Hills Foursquare Church in Gresham. She contributed generously of her time and resources to various church charitable services and ministries. She also made many friends in her Gresham neighborhood who looked out for each other, helped work on projects together, and spent time together on holidays.

Weight : 248.76 kg

MG0297 Hi Salina Lee, I think the headstone that your company created for my sister, Carla Yost, is just beautiful. Made me sad, but it also puts things 'to rest.' I appreciate Salina Lee with all of her help through-out the whole process, and, also, hopefully I made a new friend....across the world, there, in China! Thank-you and, God Bless! Kay Hill kayndh2@peoplepc.com

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Mrs. Tatum-Boyette was born Jan. 24, 1980, in Reno, Nev., to Guy and Connie Healy Tatum. On Nov. 20, 2003, she married James Boyette in Sherman. Self-employed, Mrs. Tatum-Boyette was a member of Blue Ridge Baptist Church.
Burial: Blue Ridge Cemetery 
Blue Ridge , Collin County
Texas, USA

Weight : 183.86 kg

MG0297 I would like to get a price quote for the etched angel headstone MG0297 with one vase added to the headstone. What would the price be taxes and all? thanks in advance, Sylvia

Letters & Inscription Layout Design Order Photos In Factory Cemetery Photos

Customer Not Authorized !
MG0297 Pure black (The best black granite)
Angel: W24 * T5 * H22 inch
Base: W30 * H4 * D12 inch

Weight : 183.86 kg

Letters & Inscription Layout Design Order Photos In Factory Cemetery Photos

Customer Not Authorized !
MG0297 Shanxi black Top Grade
Angel:W24 * T5 * H22 inch
Base:L30 * H4 * D12 inch

Weight : 183.86 kg

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