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OFFERSTONE Buyer's Protection


First, it is important for customers to understand that each monument and headstone is a special order item that cannot be re-sold after the engraving has been completed.

Every monument order consists of its own unique combination of sizing, engraved wording, stone colors, and specific style.  In actuality, each headstone is a custom order.


Offerstone is pleased to offer Buyer’s Protection, with the primary goal of offering the highest quality services to the customer.  We maintain the liability for the entire production process so our customers won’t have to worry about their orders being accurate.  That is why we provide customers with photos for approval during various stages of the production process so they can rest assured that all is going as they requested on their order.  


1.  Once you select the headstone monument you desire, you will receive the following services before you pay the deposit: 


A.  We will contact your cemetery and complete the necessary application and verifications required to confirm your headstone order, to obtain design approval, and to confirm that the headstone monument you select can be installed in the cemetery.

            CLICK HERE to see a sample cemetery application.

            CLICK HERE to apply for your cemetery verification.


B.  We will provide you with a free layout drawing or proofs of your selected headstone for your pre-approval before beginning production.


            CLICK HERE to see a sample layout drawing / proof.

            CLICK HERE to see a request a free layout drawing.


 2.  After we receive your deposit (30% or 50%), we will produce the headstone monument until the point where the stone is cut and all carving is completed.


We also then send you several photos during the entire production process for your review, including the stone cutting, carvings, engraved lettering, and final packing.


The payment of your final balance is due once the entire production of your order is complete, and are packed and ready to be shipped.


 The shipping and installation arrangements are made once your final payment is received.


Your credit card information is completely safe when you make an online payment.

    This information does not get stored onto the website, but is only processed for a single transaction payment through Paypal.  So you need never worry about placing your order online.  However, if you prefer, we can also process your credit card payments off line by POS.  If you prefer not to make a payment online, you can call Offerstone and have us process your order by telephone by providing us with your credit card information and authorization.


4, You may also choose to place your order or make a payment via the OFFERSTONE store found in the website.


5, Offerstone provides insurance for every single headstone you order, which makes you the beneficiary.


6, If you cancel your order within 7 days, we will refund 100% of your deposit. 

  Offerstone is committed to you, and to making sure that you and your family are always completely satisfied and pleased with our service.  We will promptly correct any error we make at no cost to you.  If an error is discovered due to incorrect information you may have provided to us, we will do our best to attempt to repair it, at the additional cost for the production time required to repair your error.


 Offerstone, our primary goal is ensure that you receive your headstone order exactly as you envisioned it, in a timely manner, and in a way that will ensure that it will be perfectly installed at your cemetery.

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