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Home  >  Feature 3: Our Fluorination Treatment: Voted The Best Protection For The Monument Surface!
Feature 3: Our Fluorination Treatment: Voted The Best Protection For The Monument Surface!
The technology of fluorination is one of the greatest contributions ever made to the monument industry.
Our patented fluorination treatment consists of a 70nm layer on the surface of your monument. This layer effectively protects against dust and accelerated aging.
The F-layer technology consists a colorless, transparent gas-based liquid, which is jet atomized to the surface of the tombstone, a 70 nm thick film. The liquid is made of extracts from natural lotus leaves and compounds which are derived from inorganic, chemically active compounds such as organic silicon composition. Our F-layer technology is not derived from benzene, ketones, esters and other harmful substances. With a hardness of 7H, this treatment can be very effective in protecting the surface of the headstone. During the process, when the permeability of the silica composition’s chemical reaction occurs, the surface composition of the headstone cures to form a durable film, with a super anti-infiltration capacity. This film can be applied to any durable surface of the tombstone. By applying this durable weather resistance to the oxide layer of the headstone surface, it can prevent the headstone from the natural occurrence of oxidation. It will also aid against and prevent the infiltration of rain and other normal weather conditions, which can make headstones lose the intensity of their natural coloring. It also helps to maintain a good resistance to acid, mildew and fading. Through this patented fluoride treatment, any granite headstone that is placed in any natural outdoor setting can maintain its beauty and integrity. It will also have its durability extended over 200 years, or more, depending on the level of care and maintenance.
Once the headstone surface fluoride treatment has been applied, it takes about 2 hours to dry and gradually hardens into a clear film. It usually takes about 120 hours after treatment to obtain the highest level of hardness and water resistance.
The waterproof surface is so strong that, in testing, it has been shown to resist a thorough, 60-day soaking rain. After which there was no film found on the clear seal, no loss of the integrity of the granite, and no infiltration whatsoever. This patented protective film has an average durable life of approximately 10 years.
When you purchase a headstone, you MUST always be sure that it includes a Fluoride treatment logo to ensure that your headstone will still look new after 20 or more years.
100% Fluorination
COMPARE: 10 years later
With Surface Fluorination (10 years later)
Without Fluorination (10 years later)



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