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About us

 Mission of OFFERSTONE: 
Helping the customer make a perfect monument for their loved one is the mission of OFFERSTONE. OFFERSTONE has been serving customers from America, Australia, New Zealand, UK, and other countries since 1989. OFFERSTONE has been working towards the following goals: 
1. Help families who have lost a loved one through assisting them in making a perfect gift for that loved one. 
2. Coming into the stock market. 

Products of OFFERSTONE: 
OFFERSTONE has engaged in the development of new products and designs. OFFERSTONE has tried its best to create monuments that have very deep meanings. We offer many different kinds of monuments, including a weeping angel, cross and heart style monument, sports style, and laser etched monument. We hope that we can help you find the perfect monument for your loved one – a monument that signifies the importance of the story of your loved one’s life, as well as your limitless love. 

Service of OFFERSTONE: 
OFFERSTONE provides an affordable solution for family memorials. We offer free consultations, sketches, cemetery cooperation and delivery service. OFFERSTONE aims to save you time and money. 
We greatly appreciate each customer and hope that we are able to help you through this very difficult time. 

Contribution of OFFERSTONE: 
OFFERSTONE has been in the monuments business since 1989. We not only professionally produce monuments, but we also develop new technologies to protect monuments. One example of this is our fluorination technology. Fluorination technology protects the surface from dust so that the monument always looks new. OFFERSTONE's fluorination technology will extend the lifespan of the granite to more than 200 years. Please look for our Fluorination mark when purchasing a monument. 

Factory of OFFERSTONE: 
OFFERSTONE has invested in its own factory in China with the goal of providing our customers with high-quality monuments at low cost. OFFERSTONE will purchase insurance which covers the monument should it be damage during delivery. We pack each monument very professionally and provide instructions for crate-opening and setting. If there is any damage to the monument that is our fault, we will replace the damaged monument with a new monument. 

Future of OFFERSTONE: 
At OFFERSTONE, our goal is to enter the American stock market to collect enough funds to serve as many customers as we can. We also hope to provide more services such as funeral service, setting and individualized monument design services. 

We are member of :
Monument Builders of North America
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