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Holly Evans
I wanted to say that this company cares about your needs, and really accomodates you so that your monument, expresses the sentiment,and heartfelt, monument your loved one deserves, Salina Lee was wonderful, through MANY emails, and plans, she saw to it personally, that my mother's moument was perfect, it really is a work of art, the craftsmanship, and quality, are truly appreciated. My mother would have loved it. All the way from China to Arkansas, it arrived safely, and sits with my mother like an angel in waiting. I wanted to express my gratitude to Salina and the artists,who crafted it for me, my relatives and I have visited her grave many times, and it makes it a little easier now to visit it, almost as if she is there waiting with her. The weeping angel monument was personal for me in the fact that my mother sat like that through out many memories in my mind. Salina, made the details of arrival, stress free for me, and truly am grateful for that, Many thanks to Offerstone, and their team for making this difficult choice and time a little easier to bare...Again many thanks, and Best Wishes,

Holly Evans
Pocahontas Arkansas
Emilio Mastronardi

I'm writing regrading model MG0335.
I would like to know if the top of the headstone can be made sqaure (or straigt on top) and would like to know the price for it with the measurements base 30x6x12, Top 28x6x24. Also, how much would it cost to engrave a phrase and an image on the back. Thank you for your time.
Yes, the top of the headstone can be made square. It is free to have the phrase engraved on the back.
Jacqueline Khorassani
Can this (MG0391,Star Monument) be done with 9 pointed star?
Yes, it can be done with 9 pointed star. But we need the star picture from you then we can design it. Thank you
Jacqueline Khorassani
Can this (MG0368,granite monuments) be done with a 9 pointed star?
Yes, it can be done with 9 pointed star
Christina Ramburger
Does this headstone come with the deer already engraved on it? Also, can we get a picture of the deceased on the monument too. If so what would the cost be? My brother died unexpectantly in March at the age of 40 and he loved hunting.

Christina Ramburger
Yes, the headstone come with the deer already engraved on it. But if you do not like it, we can etch the picture you offer.
Tammy McClain
Can this haedstone be made without the vases? How much extra would it cost
Yes, this headstone can be made without the vases.
Can I add vases to this style?
Yes, you can add vases to this style
Denise Roughton
HELLO, My Name Is DENISE I Live in TOLEDO OHIO USA.I purchased a monument from Offer Stone on 02/10/2009 I picked it up at the warehouse here in the USA on 05/04/2009 the day before the first year of my husband's passing. I picked it up my self to save money on shipping also the cemetrey dosen't set up monument so the money i saved on shipping paid for another monument company here to set it up. It Is wonderful the detail's on the monument are great everything i asked for to be put on is there My OFFER STONE ON LINE Helper was SALINA LEE, What a GREAT Help she was to me!!!!!THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH SALINA!!!!!!!! Ordering a monument for the one you love is so HARD!! My husband had only been pasted 8 eigth month's when i found OFFER STONE'S Web site how lucky i was to have found it!! My income had changed from being fine to counting every cent. And yes i did hasitate being tight on money and being as far away as china and a web site not seeing first hand and on site or knowing anything about purchasing a monument.I shopped around my home town at a few of the monument company's here to see if they would match or beat OFFER STONE'S price & size NO they had higher price's and the monument size was smaller then what i wanted and they also changed the design .OFFER STONE changed the design too but how I WANTED IT also added thing's that wasn't in the design they had on there web site. The monument will be set up this week... AGAIN THANK YOU SALINA LEE!! P.S SALINA I HOPE YOU HAD A WONDERFUL TIME AT YOUR ENGAGEMNET PARTY MAY GOD BLESS YOU !!CONGRATULATION'S DENISE ROUGHTON, USA
Larry Aubrecht
Do you also do the inscriptions and how much is that? Also how expensive is the shipping?
Yes, we do the inscription, which is free. If we send the monument to the local contracted warehouse, the extra cost is $75.00. If we send the monument to the cemetery, the extra cost is $350.00
Hi Salina Lee,
I think the headstone that your company created for my sister, Carla Yost, is just beautiful. Made me sad, but it also puts things 'to rest.' I appreciate Salina Lee with all of her help through-out the whole process, and, also, hopefully I made a new friend....across the world, there, in China!
Thank-you and, God Bless!
Kay Hill
Hello Kay, It is my honor to help you!!! God blessing! Your Friend, Salina Lee
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