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Is the part of this that stands up all smooth or does it have rough top and sides?

Item #MG0510
The top part is all polished and smooth. But if you want the top and sides rough cut, we will do that.
Victoria R
I am very interested in purchasing this stone, MG0262. I'd like to know if by having it delivered to the warehouse would I be able to pick it up and deliver it to the cemetary on my own. How much does it weigh? I would purchasing the smallest stone available.
Yes, we will send the monument to our contracted warehouse in US. Then you can pick it up. Could you tell me the sizes of the monument you want? Then I will count the weight. Thank you
Linda Mule
There are no words to express how grateful we are for all your kindness and help with the making of a beautiful tribute to my niece's granddaughter. It is absolutely breath taking and gives us such peace knowing our Sophie is resting under her sweet angel. The loss of our Sophie at such a young age was so traumatic , but in all our grief your agents were so caring and understanding of our feelings, and that made it so much easier for us during and after the ordering process.
We want to thank Jim Fraser and Salina Lee for their kindness and for all their help. They are truly an asset to your company.
May God bless you as He has blessed us with Offerstone to handle our memorial needs.
Donna Mabry
Sabrina Means
Hi my name is sabrina, and i lost my mom 7\19\08. I have been looking for a headstone for months. I have not had the money to be abull to afford this major expence. I will now have saved enough money the first part of feb, and have some questions about your headstones. I have found one that is in my price range MG0096 Serpentine shape. I would like to know how much writing comes with it. I love what it says and would like to copy what it says. I would also like to know if you do pictures and how much it would cost. Sorry i have alot of questions but before i spend this kind of money i want to make sure that this is a real company alot of internet stuff is a joke. there is one more thing i would like to ask the plant holders are they vases or are they planters.
It is free to engrave the wording information into the stone. There is no amount limiation. The cost for the ceramic portrait (oval shape 3.5x4.7inch) is $150.00. The stone vase is to hold the flowers.
What city in TN do you serve and what's the name of the store.
We serve the whole state of TN. But now we have not a store or showroom in TN.
Vickie Grandmaison
I am looking for information, I would like to see how much the cost would be for unit MG0722.
My parents passed this winter, I would like to add to the stone wedding rings with their wedding date on it. I need to have a saying engraved on it also.

"We did it our way".

Please let me know what all this will cost. I wont need the stone till the spring.

Thank you
Could you tell me whether there is cemetery sizes regulation or not ? What kind of stone color you like? It is FREE to add wedding rings.
R. Drolet
Do you put the name on the stone...Birth date....etc.
Yes, we can engrave the name,dates and verse info into the stone. That is FREE
jody chambers
send me more info on lettering I am interested in this angel monument
We offer free lettering service. You can have the name,dates and verse info engraved into the stone, such as the front, back and the base. There is not letters amount limitation.
Tricia Williams
Hi! Can you send me a U.K. supplier of this stone or information and costs for to have it shipped.
Many Thanks
Yes,we can send the monument to UK. And we will deliver the monument to the cemetery or the business address you appoint. We need the delivery address to quote the exact shipping cost. Thank you!
Amanda Holmer
Is there anyway to get a better representaion of the color selections, they don't seem to translate well online? The price quoted, does that include setting of the stone/base? What about lettering? Is there a way to see a specific color with etching? Do you do any special etching? Thanks for your time.
The price quoted has NOT included setting of the stone/base. The lettering is FREE. you can have the words be engraved on the front & back of the stone. We etch the picture based on the picture that the customer sent.
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